California Child Sexual Assault Attorneys

How Sexual Predators Can Hide in Plain Sight

Mainstream America is trained to see child sexual predators as creepy, sinister characters that children would not normally gravitate towards; individuals with a “boogeyman” quality to them. Unfortunately, sexual predators and those who do not commonly abuse children rarely fit this description.

Instead, a majority of sex offenders are well known people who would not be suspected of abusing children. Some are even upstanding members of the community. Yet, they hide the habits they perpetuate and abuse children without any suspicion. Some abusers may be caregivers, whether they are family members or trusted hires who spend a great deal of time with children. Further, they tend to lure children through playful coaxing, bribing them with offers of money, candy or other sweet treats.

Essentially, those who abuse children are difficult to spot or discover, and it is usually hard to believe that they are abusers. Because of this, child sex abuse victims are not readily forthcoming about such abuse.

But if you are a victim of sexual abuse as a child, it is critical to come forward. Healing comes with confronting abusers and coming to terms with any shame and emotional damage that has occurred. An experienced attorney versed in representing child sex abuse victims can help in navigating the legal system and obtaining the financial compensation and mental health assistance needed to move on with life.

If you have questions about bringing a past abuser to justice, a skilled lawyer can advise you.

The preceding is not legal advice.