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New clergy childhood sexual abuse & cover up lawsuit to be filed in Monterey


It’s one of the first of many to be filed thanks to a new state law

Diocese of Monterey knew that Fr. Allison sexually abused children and did nothing

On October 15th, 2 survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Fr. William G. Allison will file a lawsuit against the Diocese of Monterey, thanks to a brand-new state law that gives victims who were once barred by the statute of limitations a chance to file a civil lawsuit and hold perpetrators and their protectors accountable.

A flood of new child sexual abuse and cover up lawsuits is expected soon across California. Last month, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 218. On Sunday, October 13th, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed that measure into law. It provides a three-year window for anyone who was molested as a child in to use the court system to expose those who committed and concealed the crimes, regardless of when the crimes were committed. It also extends the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual assault, allowing survivors until their 40th birthday (used to be 26th birthday) to file a civil complaint.

Fr. Allison sexually abused both John Doe 74 and John Doe 75 while they were students at San Carlos Catholic School in Monterey, 1968, and 1966, respectively.

The Diocese of Monterey had actual knowledge of Fr. Allison’s sexual abuse of children in 1963, before the sexual abuse of John Doe 74 and John Doe 75, and did nothing. (See attached).

Fr. Allison has been credibly accused of child sex abuse in Arizona, Louisiana and New Mexico.

In January, the Diocese of Monterey released a list of priests accused of sexual abuse. Fr. William Allison is identified on said list.

John Doe 74 and John Doe 75 encourage all other victims of Father Allison to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.

Dr. Joseph C. George is both a licensed psychology and attorney and has represented hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual assault. Dr. Joseph C. George is available for comment.

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