California Child Sexual Assault Attorneys

The True Nightmare of Family Sexual Abuse

For instructive reasons, we lead off today's blog post with the news that a California resident was recently sentenced by a federal judge in Sacramento to life in prison for a number of sex crime charges involving minors.

That man was a Bangkok-based pilot who frequently traveled to the Philippines to have sex with children who he essentially bought and to create a library of pornographic images. Authorities discovered more than 27,000 such images on his personal computer. The judge who sentenced him stated that he was "sickened by the crimes."

A story such as that will understandably and always command media attention, both for its admonitory and compellingly sad nature.

That is not always the case, though, concerning one distinct realm of child sexual abuse that frequently remains off the public's radar. Namely, that is family-based sexual crimes targeting children, which are at once heinous and immensely tragic.

We sadly note that many victims of incest and parental sexual abuse "can only cope and continue functioning by repressing their memories of it." That result obviously closes the door on disclosure and accountability in legions of instances.

Victims who eventually recall or never forgot about such abuse face a hard challenge later in life when they must choose to either keep their mouths closed or take legal action.

Our law firm helps them deal with that, with the principal attorney at the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., being both a proven victims' rights attorney and a professionally trained clinical psychologist. We note that it is the highest calling of our firm to help abuse victims "find the courage to speak out and the power to start living in the present."

We welcome contacts from individuals who would like to candidly and confidentially discuss personal matters with an impassioned and empathetic advocate.