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Underscored Reality with Child Sexual Abuse: Sadly Posited Trust

We have stressed in prior select blog posts at the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., an especially pernicious evil surrounding child sexual abuse in California and everywhere else across the globe.

That is the sad reality of adults commanding positions of power and respect who make a mockery of the trust posited in them by vulnerable children, as well as their parents and other caregivers.

The steady and tragic recurrence of abuse-linked stories that surface in the media drive home this point: It is often people like teachers, coaches, mentors, clergy members and counselors who use their singular insider’s status to prey upon kids.

We note on our website that medical professionals, too, “hold a strong position of trust in our society.” Although almost all those people certainly uphold that trust by acting honorably in their daily lives, “almost” leaves a window open for those who don’t.

Witness a recently reported story from Pennsylvania featuring a long-time pediatrician who is now being publicly cited for all the wrong reasons. That individual was criminally charged last week on 30 counts of sexual abuse against children.

The matter notably underscores several points. One centers on the sad fact that perpetrators are often not identified until years – even decades – after their advances on children began. Another is this: Their behavior is often brazen in the extreme, yet not detected by others. In the doctor’s case, he reportedly abused many victims in examining rooms even while their parents stood unknowingly nearby.

The Pennsylvania case involved conduct that might have spanned 30 years or more. Bail was set for the pediatrician at $1 million.