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Movie Mogul's Abuse Scandal Underscores Widespread Industry Problem


Hollywood comes to life.

We note an uppercase reality regarding the sexual abuse of children and young adults on our victims' rights website at the multi-based Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D., in California, namely this: that sordid and criminal act "is an incredibly widespread and destructive problem affecting people at all levels of society [that can] occur in almost any context."

Recent and proliferating news developments surrounding a top-rung entertainment industry power broker certainly prove the point, underscoring that the movie-making realm is no different from other work environments when it comes to the scourge of sexual abuse.

We are of course referring to the progressively growing band of adult actresses who are now coming forward to levy accusations of sexual misconduct against industry titan Harvey Weinstein that reportedly occurred for decades. A recent Washington Post article terms the story "explosive," noting Weinstein's firing and future implications that could flow from it.

Although the paper cites the sad fact that sexual predators in the industry have long "been protected by anonymity," it additionally stresses that the stunning Weinstein-related revelations -- coupled with the growing list of individuals who are coming forward with stories of abuse -- could well change "the toxic culture in Hollywood."

People who routinely work with victims of sexual abuse -- both children and adults who ultimately act on an overwhelming need to proactively address abuse inflicted upon them in their youth -- are not surprised by the recent Weinstein story. As we note above, it is no secret that sexual abuse occurs in every corner of American society, with perpetrators coming from every occupational sphere, both sexes and every ethnic group.

That the Weinstein matter is now prompting people to come forward with personal stories to share regarding sexual abuse is an encouraging development and a step forward for them.

Spotlighting abuse by identifying perpetrators is vitally important for both personal healing and as a deterrent to the commission of heinous acts in the future.

"Justice never comes when people [victims] don't," notes the Post.