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Steps Needed to End the Stigma of Sexual Abuse


It may go without saying, but all types of families carry secrets. They may revolve around infidelity or some type of sexual deviancy, but they are secrets because of the shame or social stigma they carry. Victims of child sexual abuse common live with these secrets, trapped in a world where people say they want to help or understand what abuse survivors go through, but rarely want to discuss the topic openly.

This is arguably why so many abuse victims live in their own withdrawn world, ostensibly safe from public scrutiny. But while they may feel safe from public scorn, they still live their own demons manifested in lack of self worth, anger (at their abuser or others who did not believe them) and depression. This often leads to self-destructive behavior and even worse, a perpetuation of the cycle upon others.

It is these reasons that talking about sexual abuse is critically important. There are many ways to start the conversation, whether it is through donations to agencies dedicated to ending abuse, educating oneself on knowing the signs of abuse, encouraging and supporting therapy groups, or even taking part in legislation dealing with child sexual abuse.

Regardless of the method, it is essential to join with others to continue the discussion on child sexual abuse. Only by making it a mainstream topic can the stigma around such abuse be defeated. Of course, justice for abuse victims should never be ignored. If you have questions about how an attorney can help, we invite you to contact us.