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Assemblywoman Re-Introduces Bill to Help Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is reintroducing legislation that would give survivors of childhood sexual assault more time to report their abuse. This new legislation would be another useful tool for identifying sexual predators before they abuse more children in the future.

Speaking about the proposed bill, Assemblywoman Gonzalez said:

“The idea that someone who is assaulted as a child can actually run out of time to report that abuse is outrageous. More and more, we’re hearing about people who were victims years ago but were not ready to come forward to tell their story until now. We shouldn’t be telling victims their time is up when in reality we need them to come forward to protect the community from future abuse.”

Current law requires survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file a lawsuit within eight years of reaching adulthood or within three years of the date a survivor who has reached adulthood “discovers or reasonably should have discovered” they suffered damages as a result of the assault, whichever comes later.

Gonzalez’s proposal, Assembly Bill 218, would expand the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual assault, from age 26 to age 40. The period for delayed reasonable discovery would also expand from three to five years. The bill also includes a window of three years for the revival of past claims that might have expired because of the statute of limitations.

Under Assembly Bill 218, courts will be able to award recovery of up to treble damages from defendants who engage in the cover-up of sexual assault crimes.

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