California Child Sexual Assault Attorneys

Abused Trust Again on Display in Ca Child Sexual Abuse Case

Will more voices yet be heard in a now spotlighted case of recurrent child sexual abuse being reported in a Northern California community?

The legal team at the Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D. thinks it is likely. A fact pattern of repeat molestation frequently emerges in cases where an adult authority figure working with children uses his position to abuse children rather than empower them.

A Sonoma County jury convicted an ex-athletic director earlier this week on multiple counts of criminal behavior committed against juvenile boys. That individual used his high and long-tenured position (which he occupied for a decade) to target and sexually abuse vulnerable victims under his charge.

Sadly, though not unpredictably, the predator worked at a youth club in the community, which spells a scenario that many people reading about his case will find distressingly familiar. We note on our website that pedophiles working in the athletic sphere with minors are obviously attracted to the realm for the singular opportunities it provides for ready access to trusting young victims. Their betrayal of trust is truly tragic and far too often results in a vulnerable demographic suffering deep emotional wounds and psychological trauma.

Victims absolutely need to be urged to come forward in such cases, since healing can often only begin when a perpetrator is identified and held criminally accountable. Abused children and their families often promote hope and closure by being proactive in the wake of an adult's unlawful conduct.

A proven legal advocate/clinical psychologist who has helped child assault victims for decades can provide further information and centrally assist in that important process.